Qinni: Artista digital fallece tras someterse a quimioterapias

La artista Qinni, muy querida en Internet, falleció tras someterse a quimioterapias. En diciembre de 2019 fue diagnosticada con esta enfermedad. 

Qing Han, la ilustradora conocida en las redes sociales como Qinni, falleció a los 29 años de edad. La artista nacida en Canadá el 20 de marzo de 1990 logró una gran fama y reconocimiento como artista digital por sus bocetos e ilustración de personajes.  En su cuenta de Instagram era seguida por 2 millones de personas.

En diciembre de 2019, Qinni fue diagnosticada con cáncer. La joven se encontraba en la etapa 4, el doctor le dijo que le quedaba aproximadamente un año o medio año. La ilustradora profesional contó cómo se sentía con el diagnóstico y compartía sus estados de ánimo a través de ilustraciones.

Además, Qinni tenía serios problemas de corazón. La joven se había sometido a cuatro cirugías a corazón abierto. La ilustradora compartía su evolución en redes sociales: “Se siente un poco como rendirse, pero mi cuerpo está tan débil que mi madre ya no puede apoyarme desde el auto hasta el departamento ... especialmente después de la semana de quimioterapia ... Sinceramente, estoy frustrada porque mis piernas se han deteriorado así de rápido :( .... Está bien, recuperaré mi fuerza D: <<<<. Tengo que hacerlo”.

Qinni compartía sus dibujos desde 2005 en DevianArt, como pintora de fondos para una compañía de animación canadiense. Además, la familia de la joven no le permitía desarrollar el arte en su casa. Las obras de la ilustradora reflejan la tristeza que suele ser una compañera frecuente cuando se enfrenta enfermedades.




Migration 🐋🌃 • • • Trying for a calm vibe 😆 Did this a few months ago for my Patrons :D~ Thanks for all the support there~! 💕💕 ~ Happy thanksgiving American peeps~ ~ a lil update. good news first - I got a CT scan earlier this week and preliminary results looks good; the scar hasn't grown and maybe it might even be moving back...maybe? xD. I have noticed my physical scars from all my surgeries and stuff is actually becoming visibly smaller, so hopefully that means the scar in my heart that's trying to kinda kill me is also pulling back and getting smaller. So I'll keep taking my $300/month pill hahaha. Again, thank you to patrons who can help out<3 😀 • • a bit of a bad news - all of the doctors at BC cancer thinks the mass in my body is sarcoma, which is....not great. Sarcoma is a rare soft tissue cancer. They need to do more tests to be sure though, which is good. I really hope I don't have it though cause, I swear to god, if I get two unrelated rare diseases piled on me it is TOO MUCH. Man, with this amount of bad luck I should win the lottery to offset it lmao. thanks for all your encouragement and kind words, sorry I can't reply to everyone >.<~ I will def try to reply more • • • #artistsoninstagram #surrealism #cityscape #whale #sunset

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art blocked • • • get it? 👀😂 hey guys, it's been a while~! haha sorry... I've been a little...blocked up? lmao. I'm actually really nervous posting this cause it's been so long hahaha. it's kind of a combination of just my body being so tired all the time and me just not really wanting to draw or think about anything much. I kinda got a little sick when I visited China last month, and I guess it really kinda broke my body a little bit lmao. I hope I don't have to go back any time soon, but my grandfather has advanced lung cancer right now...I guess we'll see. I really hope he can still be here the next time I'm ready to travel again. ~ A little update on my heart disease though, the doctors still don't really know what's going on. The scar tissue in my heart has grown and so my heart function has gone down again lol. It kinda feels like pre-surgery when I walk uphill tbh. I get this major chest pain when I walked two flights of stairs the other day. (the doctor almost wanted to hospitalize me lmao....thankfully I don't have to go back and live in the hospital..for now...T_T;;..i hate the hospital so much lmao)...actually I'm getting a little chest discomfort rn cause I always get nervous posting my art 😂😂😭 On the other hand though, I was finally prescribed a medication that they want me to try. No one knows if it'll work, since my condition is so rare the pathologists can't find anything at all in north america's database, but it's better than nothing hahaha. I guess at this point I'm not...the most optimistic person? but I'm also....really tired.... But at least I'm alive right? Even if I feel super useless for not drawing as much or working...sorry, that's just personal stuff. I always wanna complain in these but then I immediately feel super bad for complaining lmaoo. Thanks for sticking with me guys xD. I know I'm probably losing a lot of followers and stuff now, totally understandable, I'm not the perkiest person right now and I'm not pumping out artwork like I used to xD~ Well, thank you guys for hanging around and actually reading through this lmaoo~ <3 #art #illustration #surrealism

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