Vivió 12 años con anorexia hasta que encontró el amor y su renovado aspecto enamora [FOTOS]

Connie Inglis se ha convertido en un referente en Instagram, debido a sus fotografías del antes y después de la anorexia que crean conciencia en millones de adolescentes.

Su cambio es admirable. Connie Inglis se ha convertido en un referente para millones de personas que han seguido su lucha contra la anorexia a través de Instagram. La joven, que vive en la ciudad linglesa de Leeds, retrató en una fotografía, su antes y después de enfermedad que la mantuvo internada largo tiempo en el hospital.

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Su batalla contra la anorexia se extendió durante 12 años, llagando a pesar como un niño de apenas cinco años. La joven comenta que sólo deseaba morir, pues no aguantaba permanecer en un cuerpo en el que no se sentía satisfecha. “Sólo quería perder todo mi peso. Llegué a un punto en el que estar en el hospital no era suficiente. Lo único que hubiera sido suficiente es que mi corazón se detuviera”, sostuvo.


January 23rd 2016- January 23rd 2017 Firstly I want to say this is not a look how skinny I was or look how well I've done post. This is to hopefully show you that no matter how lost you are in your own head, it is possible to escape! It is possible to find happiness again!!! Secondly you do not have to be this shape, size colour or gender for your struggles to matter! You are always deserving of help if you are struggling!!! It's a year ago today since I was sectioned under the mental health act. I was so ill I was doing everything I could think of to not take in ANYTHING. I had given up. My eating disorder had taken over and I wanted to die. So I was sectioned and forced to get better. I was put on an ng tube. I was forced to watch as the scale went up every week and I could do nothing about it. (Not that I didn't try) I hated everyone who put me through that! I was on drugs that put me out so I wouldn't hurt myself or anyone else. This time last year I was a mess.  But the people I loved stayed by me. My best friends and my boyfriend came to see me all the time and my parents where there every day. They where there to remind me to try. So I did. Eventually I asked my boyfriend if it was ok if I ate, he told me I should. For the first time in my life I realised that I loved these people more than my ed. so I fought, I fought like hell!!!  I'm not telling you this for sympathy or to diminish anyone's struggles, (everyone's struggle is valid!!! No matter how long it takes!!) I was in this for 10 years before I got out. But I want you to know that it is possible!!!!! No not all my problems have gone away. Yes I still have the thoughts. But I am strong enough now to resist! Keep going! You can get through this hell and I will be with you every step of the way!!! We can do this together!!!!  (I don't want to answer any questions about weight) #positivebeatsperfect

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Cuando apenas tenía 13 años, comenzó a preocuparse por su aspecto físico y su dieta alimentaria diaria fue reduciendo a llegar al extremo de tener un peso insignificante; asimismo, recordó el momento que le faltaron las fuerzas para mantenerse de pie y su ingreso al hospital era inminente.

“Pase cerca de seis meses diciéndoles a todos que estaba bien, sin darme cuenta del daño que me hacía a mí misma. En ese lugar comencé a realizar las cosas por mi misma nuevamente. Fui dada de alta del hospital en el mes de mayo de 2016, sabiendo que los meses anteriores habían sido los más difíciles de mi vida”, relató la joven.


The bloat is real!!!! It's ok to be bigger after you've eaten! It's ok to be full! And it's ok to feel guilty about it! Learning to love my bloat has been one of the hardest things for me because I bloat after EVERYTHING! But that's ok because I'm me and my body is looking after me.  Honestly over the last two days I've eaten sooooo much! And I don't feel bad about it because that's what my body needed!! And to be honest this is the first time I've ever been able to do that, to just let go and eat what I want. It's been great!!! Last night I went out for my first curry in 11 years. I ate and drank with my friends and spent the entire night laughing! And today I've been fighting the cold off with all the food The jeans have been unbuttoned all day. And that's ok! I've had a great time!  If your worried about your body or feeling uncomfortable in your skin today, just know you are beautiful just the way you are. Keep going  #positivebeatsperfect

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NO TE LO PIERDAS: 10 mujeres anoréxicas que compartieron el ‘antes y después’ de su recuperación [FOTOS]

Una vez recuperada la joven ingresó a la universidad y encontró al amor de su vida. Actualmente, es un referente para millones de jóvenes que comienzan o que están en el proceso de anorexia nerviosa, a través de sus fotografías trata de disuadirla del erróneo camino que están tomando.


Real talk: let's talk about mental illness in relationships. Ok so this is my boyfriend. We've been together for nearly 2 years and he's stuck with me through EVERYTHING. Nobody asked him to, nobody made him, he did it because he cared. And I will be forever grateful for that! But honestly me and my mental illness have put him through hell and back. And I can't change what has happened. He's stuck with me through hospital admissions, a&e trips, a section, close calls with the police... everything!!!  I moved in with him after I came out of hospital and unfortunately at that time I couldn't look after myself so he did it for me. He became my carer.  now that honestly breaks my heart to say, but it's true. And it happens to so many people.  If you care about someone with a mental illness, it's not just them who suffers it's you too. And that's unbelievably hard because a lot of the time there isn't a lot you can do apart from be there. It causes problems. It causes resentment. But it can be fixed!  I needed to be cared for and I know a lot of people with mental illness do. But when you get to a point where you can look after yourself, do it!!! Take that responsibility back. Fight for who you are. Fight for a you who doesn't need someone to look after you! Fight for independence. Fight for love. Fight to give you and the people you love their lives back!!!  Mental illness is serious and affects so much more that you would think. We have to spread awareness. We need to stop the stigma. And we need to help, not only people struggling with mental illness but people who care for them as well #positivebeatsperfect

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